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Tastic Rice 1kg


Superior quality. Swells to perfection. Cooks separate, fluffy & white  Tastic Rice 1kg


Tastic Parboiled Rice is the ultimate versatile comfort food. We all love a hot steaming bowl of rice accompanying our favourite chicken casserole or mom’s homemade curry. That’s why we at Tastic are very passionate about rice.

Our promise that Tastic Rice cooks perfectly every time is a promise that we have stood by with pride ever since our parboiled rice was introduced to South Africa and to your dinner table in 1961. We love being an integral part of the delicious meals you serve your family.

Mothers all over South Africa know that not only is Tastic rice highly versatile, convenient and economical, but it also makes for a healthy and nutritious meal that the whole family enjoys. With the success story of Tastic parboiled rice, we have kept up with modern trends bringing innovative and up-to-date products to your dinner table on a regular basis.

Cooks all over the country love exploring new recipes with our exciting new ranges. Tastic Nature’s is a range of brown rices while Tastic Rices of the World is a range of authentic rices from other countries.

The Tastic Simply Delicious range and the Tastic Flavoured Rice range are made with your everyday lifestyle needs in mind to give you flavourful meals that are delicious and convenient to prepare. You will find just the right type of rice in the Tastic range to complement the dish you are making. We share your passion for food and are constantly thinking up new ideas to make your meals even more delicious.

For over 50 years Tastic has prided itself in sourcing the best and the finest quality rice grains from all over the world. Our extensive range offering of rice products make us experts and leaders in rice.

This has resulted in Tastic becoming the No. 1 rice product in South Africa winning the hearts and minds of South African consumers over the years. Tastic continues to build its success through offering our consumers perfect world class superior quality rice grains and also offering a wide product range that delivers on its versatility and convenience.

Our brand promise is always giving you rice products that cook perfectly every time. Our extensive rice product range offerings namely Brown rices, Basmati, Jasmine, Sushi, white rices and Risotto rice make us truly the house of Rice is South Africa.

Tastic also prides itself in giving you convenient products that make meal preparation so much simpler and faster with the launch of the Ready to Eat Rices “ready in 2 minutes” and Flavoured Rice that offers you more versatile meal options of serving rice to family and friends.

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