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Wellingtons Sweet Chili Sauce 375g


No Added Colorants
No Added Flavoring
No Added MSG

Certified Beth Din, and it’s awarded by the Kashrut Department of the Union of Orthodox Synagogues in South Africa.

Certified Halaal by SANHA

An offshoot that took root in Anglo-Indian cuisine is usually a tart fruit such as sharp apples, rhubarb or damson pickle made milder by an equal weight of sugar (usually demerara or brown sugar to replace jaggery in some Indian sweet chutneys) Vinegar was added to the recipe for English style chutney that traditionally aims to give a long shelf life so that fall fruit can be preserved for use throughout the year (as are jams, jellies and pickles) or else to be sold as a commercial product. Indian pickles use mustard oil as a pickling agent, but Anglo-Indian style chutney uses malt or cider vinegar which produces a milder product that in western cuisine is usually eaten with a Cheddar type cheese or with cold meats and fowl typically in cold pub lunches.

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